love your look! was co-founded by Ross Valory, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee who is a co-founder and bass player of the popular music group "Journey."

In case you're not familiar with Journey, their top hits include "Don't Stop Believin," "Open Arms," "Faithfully" and "Any Way You Want It."

Ross Valory, Bass Player & Co-Founder of Journey

Putting on a big show like a live Journey performance takes a lot of hard work by many experienced people... and that includes an extensive concert wardrobe that appeals to the millions of Journey fans!

And, Valory's years of live Journey performances indelved him into his own wardrobe selections, ultimately translating seemlessly into an apparel business. With all this in mind, is the perfect vehicle for a rock-star to share his years of experience into also running a clothing business.  Ross Valory has an ear for music and an eye for fashion.

Valory has been in the clothing biz since 2007, beginning with his Mouthman invention… a patented idea which is a favorite for its artwork on arm sleeves that when put together, elbow to elbow, form a ferocious mouth of a dinosaur, shark and other fun animals. Mouthman® products are available here at and at the official store.

Valroy’s, Inc., Ross Valory’s company based in the Las Vegas area, owns and operates both and and is headed up by Ross Valory as Chairman and his President & CEO, Bruce Bierman.

Mr. Valory has engaged cool brands (MuchiUSA, Punch), top-notch artists, fashionistas, creative folks and internet nerds to select and present the latest fashion, styles and looks… all of which you can buy here at

Be a part of a something special... a wonderful shopping experience at --- run by a rock star!